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Experience The Top 10 African Safari Destinations In Africa

admin | May 13, 2018

African safari destinations are wonderful, and you can explore so many different destinations. Whether you pick one from this list or try to visit them all, you’ve got some adventures heading your way. Some safaris are short trips and single destinations, and some are days long, taking you all over the continent, or at least to more than one place. Get a good look at these top 10 best safari destinations in Africa.

Get ready for a Serengeti & Selous Luxury Safari in both Kenya and Tanzania. It’s called Masai Mara, and one of the places you’re going to find yourself is the Selous Game Reserve. Some safaris that you go on offer luxurious lodges and all. While this is a luxury safari, get this, you’re going to be staying in a tented camp. Don’t let that make you think twice about booking this trip. You’re going to love it, and to me, that sounds absolutely amazing. You’re going to be seeing all kinds of wildlife up close and personal.

Have you been to Botswana? What about Namibia? You can go on a two week adventure through this southern part of Africa, and you’re going to see all kinds of wild game. When selecting a safari adventure, it can be really helpful to get to know more about the different areas of Africa. Familiarize yourself with what you get to do and what you get to see. That will help you pick the best safari adventure for you.

This next adventure doesn’t really have a match. It is perhaps the best if it is the type of safari adventure you’re looking for. You want to see as much as possible, don’t you? That is why you might want to consider the Epic Rail Journey. Have you heard of the Big 5 Safari? That is one of the adventures that you get to have during the three weeks you’re going to be taking the Epic Rail Journey. You also get to do more than just go on a safari adventure. You get to visit the beach, and you also get to do some sightseeing. The Epic Rail Journey will take you through to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where you will have fantastic activities to entertain you and some of the best Victoria Falls Hotels to choose from in terms of accommodation.

That last adventure sounds like the best of both worlds, don’t you think? It’s like the tourist’s way of seeing everything Africa has to offer. Of course it would take a lifetime to do that, but you get the point. Is it time to hit up Cape Town? What about Dar es Salaam? You are going to get to do so much if you take this train ride, and it certainly could be considered one of those bucket list experiences.

There are multiple safari adventures you can go on at each location. For example, the Scenic Tanzania Safari is another choice aside from the one mentioned earlier that groups Tanzania with Kenya. You can visit individual preserves, too, and even handle booking your own lodging. It’s really up to you how you want to get your trip planned out, but it is certainly important to know the best places to go.

You might certainly want to explore as much of Tanzania, Cape Town and other great areas of Africa as you can. There are so many adventures that await you, and you are going to want to get in on all the fun. Kruger & Seychelles offer great safari adventures, and you might want to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. What about Vic Falls & Zimbabwe? Pick from among the top 10 African Safari adventures, and see where your trip takes you. What you end up experiencing is going to blow your mind for sure. You just wait.

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