Introducing Safari Sue

Welcome to our blog!

We are a safari adventure blog that shares stories, encounters and photos of safaris in African countries. Our blog shares our passion for African travel and will share some tips and advice to enjoy safari at the fullest! If it’s your first time traveling to a safari, then we’ve got you covered.

At Safari Sue, we want you to enjoy your African safari adventure. We help you to experience not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations packed with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.


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Africa is our own home. We were raised here. We’ve lived and worked here our whole lives. We know very much this place. We do know the camps, the folks, the wildlife… it’s all we’ve seen. We know Africa extremely well.


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The very best spots, the best camps, the best service, but above all… the most reliable guides. We pride ourselves on our team of guides and have faith in their capability to provide the absolute best experience to travelers, to form and shape your safari and help it become everything you ever imagined it could be. We know that they’re the ones who make or break the trip, and that’s the reason why we picked the very best that we know.


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We definitely know what makes the safari experience. We understand that no 2 different people are the same, no 2 different people have a similar expectations and needs and so with us, absolutely no two trips will ever be the same. We personalize each safari experience to match your desires. We do this by finding out more about you, who you are, what you like, what you don’t and what you expect. We’re all about individuality and a personalised experience.


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